Wednesday, June 15, 2016


     Good morning all!   It actually cooled down last night, and I did not have to keep waking up in a sweat all night long--awake enough to stumble to the A/C unit and than stumble back to bed.  I finally got my electric bill super low, and than it turned into summer.  A desert summer at that.  It is supposed to climb above 110 all this weekend.  Luckily during the hottest parts of the day, I am at work  where it is some what cooler than lying on the sidewalk in the sun.   Either way  I do not want to see my next electric bill.  

Dad and my brothers
to many years ago Sheridan, Wyoming.
I will let you guess which one of us farted.  :)

      Father's day is just around the corner.  I have not done my special mother's day post yet--so will not linger on this topic to long today.  I am not really sure why they have the day.  Yeah fathers are great  but nothing really seems to happen  restaurants have awesome deals on mothers day and give out flowers and such   if fathers are really lucky  they get to BBQ for everyone that shows up at there house and punches them in the arm.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a big BBQ and than eat all the food, because I have no friends.  

Came across to many pictures of Butch the other night. 
I can't believe I gave him up to remain living in the ghetto. 
although he is in a great home with lots of room to roam    
it breaks my heart. 

Hopefully with all that room to roam he is not busting out of the property.
He has issues with being left alone   and succeed in getting out of any enclosure including jumping out of one of our living room windows. 

This one makes me laugh just a little to much 
every time I come across it.

Working on more Exploring pictures.
I am seriously very close to having a rig again, and that of course will help with my Exploring greatly.   Starting with a long road trip with no destination in mind.  A very picture filled road trip of course.  
The above picture was in the middle of wonderful Bisbee.
I was in the middle of an abandoned building possibly surrounded by no trespassing signs. 
Because the mines own everything here.
Thus the tongue out in this shot. 
Of course there is a blog about this!

New post goes up on the Exploring sight tonight-if I leave work early enough.  

Happy magical shroom painting Bellingham, WA

His long lost brother!?
Bisbee Arizona

Just sayin'

                                                              Mmmmmmm coffee!
                                        Did you really think I was going to publish this post
                                           with no coffee references?

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