Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Turkey Day 2016!

           So in case you did not get the memo or read the title of this here blog today---today just happens to be Turkey Day!  I hope everyone reading this now, at almost the end of the day had a great day.  Filled with family, food, funky-ness, and other great words that do not start with the letter F.  I am very thankful that I can not see your stuffed self, sprawled in front of the computer screen, with your pants comfortably un zipped and one hand on your computer mouse and the other down you pants.   My Thanksgiving was certainly not story book   again this year.  Nor has been my week or my year this year.  I could easily skip 2016 for the most part- in my memory books.   I guess the best part of the year --by far was the fact that my wife and I became one again!   So much so that we are soon to be moving in with each other AND she even changed her last name back to mine on Facebook AND said we were married again---so it's not official official till it's Facebook official   Duh!   ;)   Other wise I could pretty much not bring up 2016 ever again.   
       Last Friday night  our only running vehicle decided to give up on us, and later we found out it was a paperweight.  What I call expensive items from laptops to cars that no longer work.  I have had to many paperweights in my life time for sure.  More on the long night the vehicle broke down in my next blog posting.  Crazy for sure  as are most of my stories it seems.  I swear the only reason several of my friends still talk to me is that I have 4-5 such stories per week to share with them.  Luckily for y-all most of them make it into my blog posts!  Sadly for me, all of them are true.  So with about a week left on my lease in my overly crappy apartment --Another story I will soon expand on, I find myself back to square one.  Trying to find a way to work, and a way to get the last of my items out of my apartment before the lease is up.  This morning being a holiday--with no city buses running--I called for a taxi two hours before I needed to be at work.  I soon realized --but not soon enough to make it to work on time, that I was not going to get to work on time using a taxi.  Several angry phone calls to the taxi company later, I realized it was time to form a plan C.  I found a $20 bill and started asking random residents in my apartment parking lot for a ride just up the street, but to far to walk, to work.  Unfortunately I live in the ghetto and Tucson---AKA Little Mexico!   No one I approached actually knew English.   Even showing the cash and yelling "El Rido!" was not working.  I approached one mini van full of people and showed them the cash.   They promptly nodded, and started to dig out change  to break my 20.   No!  I want El Rido....    Dam my growing up in the middle of Wyoming and not paying a bit of attention in El Spanish classes in high school!   Long story short---I got to work, and made many of what I call sympathy tips.   The highlight of working any holiday as a server.   I am here serving you, while away from my family....    Usually I eat with my family before or after work, or both on a great holiday.   I even wanted a photo button to wear,  picturing each of my kiddos frowning, to tell the customers I took the shot right before heading to work this morning.   Alas this year--I was not able to eat any of the glorious food my wife and kiddos slaved over----because our vehicle is still dead.  Are you not reading the same story here??  Thankfully they supposedly are saving a plate or two just for me.  
                                                                                                                                             **"There is right and there is wrong and somewhere in between IS life!"**--Family Guy
                                                              **"Shut up and let me practise my people skills!"**---Important this time of year.  

  **"You really gotta hand it to short people....because we usually can't reach it anyways...."**---vertically challenged not short.    
                                                                                                          **"Maybe Christmas he thought, dosn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas. perhaps, means a little bit more.--- Dr Seuss
                                                 **"Just think that blood you donated last blood drive could be in someones boner right now!! "**

      **"I am not saying I perform miracles or anything but I can turn water into Kool Aid!"**
                                              **"Stop blaming the holidaze--you were fat in July too!"** More deep thoughts and quotes in every blog post o mine check it------I try and add these to every blog post o mine  BUT as in many aspects I have been slacking on this.  Hopefully today made up for all the times I did not post deep thoughts and quotes!    Another blog page of mine that needs MANY more views is my Arizona Exploring page.   MANY new posts, thoughts, and pictures in the works.  But please feel free to check out the old posts at


I am afraid if you want to see more Thanksgiving thoughts and posts, you will have to search this very page and my old Turkey day posts.    
And now for your moment of Zen...

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