Saturday, November 5, 2016

First Post Of November 2016

             Hello this fine night- almost early morning  in November!   With a new month finally cooler temperatures!!  There are constant reminders that we chose to live in the desert all around us  but the two weeks before Halloween of 90+ temps outside really was more than even desert people should have to put up with.  Last night my wife ended up here to visit me, and we both had issues sleeping, so ended up at Denny's about 2 in the AM.  For the most part, Denny's is always a good choice, especially when one is talking breakfast.  Although my last omelette there tasted more like a kitchen sponge than anything, and really looked like one too.  Than to the near by Wally World for some late night shopping.  It is now almost a week into November so the Christmas section is surprisingly huge.   I love the holidaze  but am SO not ready for any of them again this year.  I am although more than ready for this year to be over with.  Finally looking forward to so many things, good things    after such a crummy year for the most part in sooo many ways.  I will go into more of this with more apartment woo's and the official graduation pictures of mine and such on a later date.  But it is much to late an hour to get to serious.  This very page has so many views  and I thank all of you for this!  And I hope to go back to posting more on this page and all of my super great pages.  My newest Arizona Exploring blog page has so many updates and pictures lined up already it is ridiculous.  I just have been slacking on posting-----Please check out my old posts and thoughts all across Arizona while you wait for new posts and share the links with all your friends to help us grow and make me wish to post much more often.   Check it at
**"A people that elect corrupt politicians.....  are not victims .... but accomplices."**--George Orwell

      Alfred E Newman for president! 
                                                                                             **"Let's keep our guns and ban dirty, lying, scumbag politicians!"** 

                                                                   **I got a GREAT 12 minute recording in the landlords office were she explained nothing started yelling at me. I got to call her ghetto fabulous and she threatened to call the police on me. Bring on court Mrs slum landlord ----Perhaps most  importantly she refused to take my full rent payment over late fees on made up late fees.   More on this on a later date, but I am beyond ticked off and on a mission.   Not to save my character but to save my credit.  And to ruin these people before they can ruin another single person or family's life.  I was basically fully single when I moved into this place, and yes I should have researched it more, but living in motels was super expensive and the $150 move in deposit was beyond appealing.  Now that I and we are ready to move on with our lives, I should not have to pay for years on choosing to temporarily reside here    no one that works hard -pays there own way---  strives to move forward---does mostly right---  etc should be treated like this.  I will get off my soap box now,  for a lil bit.  

    **"I have this strange urge to actually show up and stand up in the Dakota's if you have no clue whats going on YOU are part of the problem and if your that clueless please dont vote next week."**---- I find all of this beyond crazy on many levels  especially in this day and age.  And not just because I work around natives on a daily basis.  
      **"I always have my phone with me, so if you think I am ignoring you---I am!"** More deep quotes and thoughts in every post o mine in case you have not gotten that memo.  **
                                                                              A true smart ass  no resemblance to me seen                                                                                                                             
                                                                                  In case you did not notice   when the clock struck midnight on the 31st of October  Halloween turned into Christmas.   Poof!   And than the very next day--- it was time to buy cheap candy  ;)    It was also the night that Poof!  My wife and I un officially    officially had been dating or whatever we may be doing for 11 years now.  Thankfully we are back in a very good groove ---mostly   one that has went on for awhile now, and hopefully will continue forever and a day   as our wedding vows actually suggest.  
      US new motto?
                                                                                                                                                                    Wally World is now open 24/7 you can drive slower now!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      And now your moment of Zen....            

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