Saturday, November 26, 2016


                               Reid Park Zoo Tucson Arizona.   Time stamp is wrong  because we did not live in Tucson than---- My example of how I wish time would slow down just a lil bit this time of year.   

           A hearty Hello to everyone this early afternoon!     It is cloudy outside today  a welcome sight in my eyes.  I do not enjoy the heat one bit, so of course desert dwelling is were I ended up.  Although we realize at night time that it does get chilly in the desert, and quickly.   The day time high on Monday is supposed to be 50  so it should be close to 30 at night   and everyone here is already digging out there parkas because it is cloudy out.  Cloudy but still warm   for sure.  I am daze away from moving fully---without a running vehicle, again.   I will talk more about all of this fun BS soon, but not today.  Tonight is my Friday night at work.  For which I am very thankful!   It has been very busy---with VERY nice sympathy holiday tips for sure.   I am still getting over how close it is to December ---to soon!   With so much to do---I am mainly still just guzzling coffee as I type out this bit of random rambling---hoping to soon have enough coffee in me to at least fake energy for a few hours.   Or at least until I get to work.   That is were I go to sleep.  ;)   With three kiddos at home, I do not get any sleep there.   
                                                                  As always this very blog page has a ton of readers.  And I thank each and every one of you for that!   My Arizona Exploring blog page also is constantly looking for new readers.   Please take a look around and share the page if you enjoy what you see.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hello   !!  I am your tour guide! 
                                                                                              Speaking of Exploring and road trips and such--when we finally get mobile   yet again, I am past due for a long  mind clearing road trip for sure.  Pictures to come if it ever does happen.  My beautiful wife got my nice camera working again---so I am more thrilled than ever to soon get a chance to use it.   I have been reading a lot about the stand off in the Daxota's  and first have to ponder, how the hell this is still going on?   How are there not thousands of protesters.   Of all races.   As in many conflicts in the past few years, the outcome of this affects us all.   That said, why am I not a part of this  you may ask---practise what you are preaching.     I would love to show up --and be a part of all of this.   Just the photo ops alone would make my day.   But it is an extra long journey with no vehicle.   Maybe if I found the right---also gung ho  travel partner-- this will happen.  

           With Trump--thankfully winning the election --and even more thankfully all of the political ads off of our TV screens   there is lots of talk about building walls and such.  A few thoughts real quick on all of this---and than on to some attempts at jokes for y'alls entertainment.  First off---instead of spending all these Pesos on a huge wall that isn't going to work anyways--plus it would block all the angry celebrities from actually fleeing America since Trump won the election.   Why not construct a giant electric fence across the boarder?  Growing up in the country I know first hand how much even an electric fence to keep cows in stung--especially if you peed on it.   Non of you city boys will understand this fun.  A huge   more electrified fence would be much cheaper, and hours of entertainment for boarder patrol agents and those living in boarder towns.   Just like watching you bug zapper on your back porch---20 times the entertainment!   Heck instead of driving the kiddos around to look at Christmas lights, I would drive them to the boarder next year, and we would all sit by the glow of the glorious electric fence and "oooowwww" and "ahhh" every time a Mexican got zapped or an angry American wanted to get his job back, by sneaking into Mexico.  2nd I just saw a picture were the new boarder wall also blocked off California.   Super idea in my book ---for tons of reasons.   They want to pull away from America anyway.  Electric fence around them until the whole state is gun fearing, weenie lobbyist, and or Mexicans.  Or until the big quake hits and they sink into the ocean, which ever comes first.  
      And lastly C---I also recently saw a picture that was driving local residents mad---showing the new wall to extend around Tucson   leaving us as part of Mexico.   This was for last nights civil war football game    Phoenix not wanting anything to do with Tucson.  For the most part I wish nothing to do with Phoenix   AND I already call Tucson  Little Mexico for many reasons, so it might not be all that bad.   Just sayin'
Mmmmmmm  Coffee!!
My beautiful wife  hangin' at home with the critters.  ;)

                                                                                                                                                                                       Have a great holiday weeksend everyone!   Especially if you are one of the lucky few that has the weekend off!!

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