Saturday, April 30, 2016


         A huge hello to everyone this fine day!   I have some how again went almost a month with almost no new postings   sorry  :(   Life and such keeps seeming to get in the way.  I have been taking pictures and notes and such and have many updates and posts in the works.  Especially on my Arizona Exploring blog page.  Please check out what is already up on that sight  at   you know you want to!!  :)   

Where are you Exploring today?
With any luck at all I will get a new Exploring blog post up tonight after work--woooooo!

    I have been in a constant "battle" with my land lords at these apartments. I am sure I have brought it up before--and will again---I am not prepared to bring it all up on here yet--but soon.  For now some thoughts on the annoying of yesterday ----   my beautiful wife and I have been getting along much -much betterer lately and a few nights ago I stayed out at her place---the next night she stayed up here, away from the kids, dogs, and her mom  while I was at work.   Blah blah blah-- I had my work clothes going in the laundry room-- as we rushed to get her home, and get myself to work by three.  Garage sales and such had been distracting us most of the morning.  I got back to my apartments with just enough time to grab a shower and bolt up to work---or so I thought.  I rushed into the house and took a number 2--only to find out after wards that the complex water was shut off for maintenance..... great---that would be a great greeting floating around for me when I returned home from work 8 ish hours later, basking in the Arizona heat.  Fine, stopped cussing, went over to retrieve my work clothes----they were painting the laundry building, for something like the fifth coat.  And the building was locked up---no access signs all over----What the F?   I have also talked about this before, the land lords chose to paint the whole complex-instead of fixing anything.  And it has been a month long--very annoying process--- *one can paint a turd, but it still essentially only makes it a purdy turd*   
     Ok--I spot a painter or two--and start yelling at them.  They only know a few actual English -ish words --like El painto.  "yes you are painting--still...."   O the joys of living this close to the boarder!  Minus the joy.   I proceed to the leasing office---a place I really try to avoid.  They did get me in to get my El work clothes, but this whole process is taking way to much time and energy.   Although I am starting to think I make better tips the more angered I may be at things.  Rack it up to yet another complaint in my long list from this apartments in the ghetto.  I guess a low low move in rate should have been my first sign.  


     So sadly we did not make it to the big fair this year.  Although that may very well be a great thing for my pocket book.  I do have to rant quickly about this years slogan --"Deep fried fun!"  Really---  I know I mainly only wish to go to fairs to eat the corn dogs--but that's the slogan picked to bring the masses to the fair?   To me it just shows the current human race mortality and emphases on eating and important things like that.  Don't get me wrong--I love food, but this slogan just has me instantly picturing no reason to visit the live stock buildings, because big un's people will be roaming around the entire fair grounds ---saying bring on more deep fried fun!   Should I have practiced my pig calling call if I were going to the fair, or just join the masses and find a bib ---and eat my way to a heart attack before the gates close at midnight?   What a crappy slogan---in my eyes at least.  But as usual    what do I know

Hold still!

but not very filling

Monday, April 4, 2016


                                                               Bellingham, Washington

         Hello again!  It is just the start of spring and not even noon yet, but already to warm outside to really venture into the sun much.  Welcome to the desert --I guess!  Today is my only day off work --somewhat with my class and such --I have plenty to keep me busy.  Although getting past coffee and the annoying talk shows on TV have been my morning so far.  Yesterday I pulled an early morning shift--something that does not happen much.   

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               Please also check out my picture filled Exploring Arizona page                            Next post will be all about our early anniversary night going to the Jeff Dunaham comedy show.   It was a great night -for sure.  

This is us on our honey moon in Seattle four years ago.  
There is a blog about that!
We still look that happy many daze  still today. 

Mmmmmm coffee!
My best friend for sure.

True story

True every year  but really so this year I fear

Most of the time on this page and in real life
I don't even know what I am talking about.
But I just go with it and continue to act like I know what I am doing
and or saying. 
I like to be as surprised at what I say or type in all aspects of life as you are!

I did not take this picture
but hope to take many like it while visiting family back home this summer.

It has been to long since I have been back home. 
And summer is about the only time to visit and have a very low chance of getting snowed on.