Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5/26/2015 To Much Coffee!?

                     Hello to all my fine looking readers today!  Or am I just looking in the mirror again?  Today's blog post come from our sun filled front porch near Tucson, AZ.  The temperatures have been rather cool, for the desert--but the thermometer is definitely working over time and creeping way up the scale today!   Bets are already going as to when the first triple digit reading will "grace" the area.  All that said, it is hot out--but there is a slight breeze outside so the illusion can be got that it is not quite so dang hot.  Plus I can people watch while outside.  For living on a dead end street   a ton of traffic uses this road.  Perhaps it is busier on our end of the street--because of the nearby convenience store and the community mailboxes.  I say illusison of feeling cooler just above because it is breezy--but it is a hot breeze.  Yet again--thank goodness it is a dry heat.....   Shut it, and welcome to Arizona! 

    For much more on the amazing desert--pictures and tons of Exploring please check out my newest blog page    

Hark!  Over there ---a new adventure to Explore!!
*Does anyone say "hark!" anymore??

http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com     I have tons of new posts, features, and pictures just waiting to be updated.   So please keep checking back and sharing the page if you enjoy what you see here.  Very soon I will finally post about my amazing trip to The Grand Canyon.  Thoughts on a super long hike and of course tons of pictures to share.    

    So the other day I came across this article about to much coffee----and yes even for me there is such a thing.   At work I like to tell customers that my co workers see me--put a straw in a coffee pot, just for me  and than cut me off when I leave the restaurant and start running laps around the casino floor!  The article below keeps going on, and keeps getting more boring--but I find this paragraph rather interesting.  Even if it might very well be   made up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
How much caffeine is too much?? A lethal dose of caffeine is thought to be roughly 10 grams about the mass of your standard #2 pencil.  That converts to a whopping (but basically undrinkable) 4.69 gallons of coffee, or 120 standard cans of Red Bull.                                       

    Gotta eat and than go to my happy place in my head, so that I can shop at the local Wally World. Today that happy place is easy to find, because my beautiful wife and kiddos are on there way back home as I type this. Safe travels!----This post from last night kind of explains itself.  I just thought I would share now that I am back from buying exciting things like toilet paper, Tums, and 80 packs of burritos.  Why do you think I needed all of that toilet paper?   I have been the only one here all weeksend.   
                                                                                                                          And now for your moment of Zen....

I never wore shorts much--tell we moved to the desert.  
Now they seem to go with anything I can wear on my daze off work. 
I have a ton of leg hair--like not fully evolved amount on my legs. 
I call this my leg sweaters.  
Perhaps because  the sun can not penetrate through all of this hair---my legs stay a ghostly white even here in the land of the sweating sun.  

During my eight years of working for Wally World
I spend a number of years working the customer service desk.
This sign should have been taped to the front of the desk for us to point too!


Give Me A Buzz!

    **"Is it selfish I want to make this ALL about me??"** Robin Willams


      OK last negative vibes from me tonight If you are going to get deep and try and lecture me, about your wrong doings, please try to use words that actually go together. It is not deep when it is not even a full thought or sentence. And I do not understand gibberish or hippie. Heck I barley understand English on most daze.----Wait   does that make sense?
    Best line so far this month So tonight I felt the need to help a moocher become mooch free from us. wink emoticon On the way out the door he told me how he was going to call my wife and tell her how much of a d*ck I am! I than informed him how well she already knew this. She would just be glad I focused my d*cktom on him instead of her...... O you can't make this stuff up. lol
                            I believe that one of my long term buddies only talks to me because
I have stories like this  about twice a week.  And he knows they are true.  Because I tend to tick people off and because I do not have a near good enough imagination to make up crap even half this good and or entertaining.  


    **"Being a vegetarian is a huge missed steak

  Sounds legit to me....

This page like most of mine is a lot of things.
But I in no way support any type of gun control.
So if you do  you might be one of the small percent that does not enjoy my page. 
Now ask me how little I care.

So my wife and I have had a lot off issues to begin to work over.
Great thing  is we have decided we are both saps and can not live without each other
so we wish to work on everything.  At some point we decided to go with an old stand by method that has held true for us through the ages.  If we start to argue, we start to loose clothing.  It is amazingly hard to argue with someone when they and you have no clothes on   try it.  If you do not understand this concept---I can make it simpilar   with no clothes on me---my wife is pointing and laughing at me, making it Dam near imposable for either of us to actually argue!

Possibly why we never fully make up....

Possiably the best post I have put on her wall   this week. 

To bad she was out of town and the state when I posted it. 

OK   last story for tonight   for I have typed most of this post already and than it magically 
went poof!  into computer nothing -ness land.  You know that land that well exists after you spend five hours typing the perfect term thesis paper, and than suddenly print out pages of blank!   
I will not tell you what my wife and I were Goggling or attempting to research   but we found out that there is an app to turn any smart phone into a vibrator.   First off   Ewwww!
I realize most people seem to lack any common sense   but why would you want something that would be vibrating near your ear  or mouth at all?   And why would anyone want a sticky phone.  And why would they want to put a phone close to any body part they would want to vibrate.  And JUST why? 
Besides most of us with flip phones learned long ago to just turn the phone to vibrate, give your number out to anyone and everyone, and stick it in your pocket!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

5/22/2015 No More School For The Summer

     Good evening to all!  So in Arizona today was the last day of school for all of school age.  Last year when I realized that the kiddos would be home all day every day for months, I decided it was time to go back to work.  And best of all, the kids returned to school on the day after my birthday.  A perfect present from the three of them for sure!   This year finds my wife and the kids on a trip to visit relatives in California all weekend.  I have the later shift at work this weeksend until I bounce back  bright and early on Sunday morning.  So with an empty and very quiet house I am again finding it hard to do things like sleep so am posting this here blog.  
    I am trying to keep everything over the last month or so out of my blog posts, but it was sure hell for me being away from the kiddos, the love of my life, and my best friend.   My theme song for the last month is       https://youtu.be/lLmNaCgjkYQ  If this link does not work it is Luke Bryant    I See You.   It seems there is a good song for any sad part of life in the country jukebox easily to find.  


    Facebook will not let me change my status to say that I am in love with myself. Love yourself before you can fully love someone else.... It also will not let me set that I am dating my wife. True story right now! And it rocks. Maybe part II to this post?? http://wyomingjack.blogspot.com/…/my-girlfreind-has-boyfrie…
           so long story short it has been a very long month.  And 
to attempt to fix things we have found some what the honey moon stage again.  But to do so  we are kind of in a happy limbo.  Of married but acting un married stage.   I am sure non of this really makes sense   to you because it really does not make sense to me.  But right now we are working on things and happy  so what could be betterer??


   **"Bout time to do some house cleaning on my friends lists. Both on FB--MY pages and in life."**----Kind of explains itself  but my online post just a few hours ago. 

    I have grumbled about this before--but am always amazed at the amount of single people that ask us for cash. Editors note we have three kids--if we had any extra money it would go to something for the kids, or in planning a trip to get away from the kids. You are single and in your 20's we should be asking you for a loan! With that if I have loaned to you before--and never seen any cash back, your personal bank is cut off. If you have not talked to me in months, and... find a way to contact me, just to ask for cash-- no cash is ever going to reach you.
    A few more things that until this very week, I thought were common knowledge among my friends. If you are staying at some ones house, and they are kind enough to let you sleep in the master bed DO NOT have sex in the master bed. Agggggh! I don't have time to explain how messed up that is. Nor until lately would I ever think I would need to even put this thought onto paper.
    If you borrow something it is your responsibility while you have it. From tents to cars, if the car blows up while you are driving it, I will work with you to form a solution, but it is 80 percent your problem.
    And lastly if you know some one is not home, DO NOT show up at there house looking for anything! That is beyond odd. I have known my best buddy for 15 years, to this day, if I showed up at his house and he was not home, I would wait outside until he returned or find a coffee joint or something. I would never even think about entering his house. Let alone looking for something while he was gone.

         So long story short this person was looking for pain pills while he knew we were gone from the house.   Betterer yet, the person was not a 20 something dumb ass, he is in his 50's.   When I confronted the person today over the phone  of course I became the bad guy.  Betterer yet, he and his roomates knew that my wife and her kids would be out of the house and the state for the entire weekend, and  when I informed them all that they had NO reason to be at our house, and that if they showed up again  instead of informing my wife that  they pulled up at our door, I would first alert the police.  They found great offence in this   so much so, that one "man" involved showed up at the house  to "talk" to me  with his fists.  Luckily I was already at work, and my wife jumped in.  Once again I can not even begin to understand this type of "reasoning" and am starting to really think I need to take some fighting lessons. 

And now your moment of Zen....

Monday, May 18, 2015

5/18/2015---yo yo!

       Hello everyone!   I am this late afternoon on MY front porch attempting to post this very blog post.  Attempting because it is very windy outside and keeping up with the Wi- Fi connection seems to be a chore.  It was a long journey that brought me to my own porch today  but we will not get into that today.  I am however enjoying a nice cold adult beverage or two while I type this.  So--Cheers!  To all of you that need a six back or two to find my posts amusing.  I can tell you that I had way to much free time over the last month--time to read my older posts---and they were mostly much funnier --for sure.   You should read them all   just to make sure I know what I am talking about.  And to up my reader ship of course. 

     If I stay ambitious and awake I will also post a thrilling Exploring blog in my newest page.   Check them all out  at   http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com

     **"If anyone every texts me "who is this!" I always respond  "Jake, from State Farm!"**

  **"This Monday seem pretty Dam fine to me---O wait maybe it's because I have the day off work."**  ;)

  **"I am still kindda pissed that they never did tell us how to get to Sesame Street."**

  **"If everybody likes you, you are doing something wrong!"**----I of course do not really ever have this problem. 

        **"If the restaurant Hooters ever starts to deliver food will that be called "Knockers?"**---Inquiring minds want to know!


    So I really do love my current job.  I have now been there a full year.  With the almost non existent training I got upon getting hired, it is kind of a surprise to all.   Just lately I had to renew my gaming licence/ID tag  because I work in a casino, and each year it expires.  For random reasons I was kind of worried when I went in to reapply  they would just not renew it at all.  Maybe yell   "Doink!"  and rip my licence in half.  I would than be forced to try and draw a new licence with crayon and wear that to work.  But low and be hold---they did renew my gaming licence!  And the customers that enjoy mediocre service and dinning experiences, rejoice!    Last week I pulled 56 hours at work.   I am still classified as a part timer, so this was no small feat.  This week the business has been crazy busy.  Great for tips, bad for one tired worker.  So today and tomorrow being my daze off work this week, I informed everyone that I would not answer the phone for any number that even remotely looked like a work number. 

    The place I work at really likes to change the menu also.  In the year I have worked there I think the menu has changed seven times now.   Usually I do not know about the changes, some how.  Making it exciting for me and my customers.  Or was the word I was looking for, annoying.   Communication in most work places is non existent  including my current position.  I believe that management first shreds any memo I might receive before giving it to me.  One of the bigger menu changes just happened a few months ago.  And I was not aware of the changes at all.  Seems like I was not the only one.  This casino actually closes completely for Easter for four days.   And when we returned to work---I returned bright and early the following Monday, it seems we had a new menu.   It looked the same as the old one, but had changes for sure.  My first customer order two items I had never heard of.  I tried to inform him that this was not something we served, and maybe he was thinking of another food outlet in the fine casino..... I was cut short by his yelling and pointing.   He was pointing to the items he has listed on our fine menu.   What a fine mess.  Pause for lots of apologies for knowing less than our fine customers about our fine selection of edible items.  All at fine prices.  And than walk away quickly to order the fine food. 

     So just this week this happened again, on a much smaller scale.  Without really annoying the fine customer any more than I do on a regular basis.  Anyways, we being so close to the boarder serve a lot of Mexican customers it seems.  I get yelled at on a daily basis because I do not know much Spanish at all.  --In fact I inform customers that I hardly know English, so foreigners are sh*t out of luck.  It is not my fault if they can not understand my above sentence because they too hardly know English.  I do however know all of the cuss words in Spanish---in case you want to snicker, finger point, and than cuss me out.  In my defence I grew up in Wyoming--- square state, in more ways than one, in the middle of the USA--not close to any other countries.  So I really did not bother to learn much Spanish while in school.  I was not yet aware that they might be taking over even states like Wyoming soon.  Anyways a newish item on our menu was a "Mexican omelet."   Because it had guacamole and beans and such in it.  Probably not the best name choice by our chief.  But no matter the logic or lack of, it made the list.   Last week I had my daze off work, and returned to find that the same omelet was offered, but it now had a new   possibly less offensive name on the menu!  No one in management or other wise will give me a straight answer, but I believe the Mexi eggs  offended one to many people.  Maybe it was a prejudice omelet!  Whatever the case, at this point it is only half fixed.  As in the name on the menus is less offensive --but the food receipts the customer gets  still says Mexican Omelet.   Whatever the case   this is all highly amusing to me. 






       Mr Butch  gets his stitches all out tomorrow  in the AM!!



Monday, May 11, 2015

Small Town Saturday Night!

                      I am really working on greatly expanding the reader base for this very page.  This is going slowly but surely.  My last Exploring post has already had 85 views!  And no, my views to the sight do not show up on the tally.   Please share this page if you enjoy it.  And keep checking back for tons of new features, pictures, and Exploring!   For even more Exploring please check out my first and longest running blog page at www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com    But only if you have a strong stomach!      
         Next month we will have lived in the Benson area --and enjoyed the people and all that the area has to offer, for two full years.   I plan on doing a picture filled post on the best the town has to offer.  Tonight I talk about some fun in Benson a few months back.   For awhile work was giving me weekend days off work  and I had time to check out some of the happenings and sights I would usually be working through.   If you check this very blog page I have several great experiences while at the local Arena Bar.   The evening I discuss tonight was also a great night.    I also wish to bring back to this sight my business of the day feature.   Any place that I or my family and I have visited that has given beyond amazing service.  This is very rare in this day and age it seems----and I make sure that the local business has no clue that I am naming them great.   As in they have not asked me to feature them in any way  nor do they officially  endorse my recommendations in any way.   This type of service is so rare it seems, that I have not used this feature in months.  This will be a rare short post from me- simply because I do not have that many pictures to share.  I am sure the next post will make up for it in length.  

So on this particular and rare Saturday off work I decided it was 
beyond past time to check out the new   actual coffee shop in Benson. 
I have lived in Washington state and Oregon for so long that I have become greatly spoiled 
with an abundance of amazing coffee places.   In fact my other sight has pages where all I do is critique new coffee joints I have visited in the area.  
I like to people watch and type my blogs.   
And than I moved here.

I have found a few decent coffee places in Tucson and at least one in Bisbee.
One day at the Safeway Starbucks in Benson I asked for a drip coffee---and 
it took three employees to determine just what I was ordering. 
Please note here--drip  is Starbucks own lingo
so at first I thought the workers were joking, and than was just beyond disappointed.

So I was more than excited to finally visit the new joint in Benson!
I first heard about the place on the first of April, and my wife and I tried to drive by 
and take a look----most of there signage was not yet up, and we did not see 
a coffee place at all.   And I thought the web sight and even thought of a coffee joint here 
was some cruel April fools joke. 

Several days later I actually spotted the place and had the honor to visit. 
Interesting name---amazing coffee and service!
I did find several things lacking on my visit---but
the owners seem VERY knowledgeable and I believe they are working on everything 
that I might complain about.  Case and point---I drove by today  and saw signs ---every where leading people to the great beverages and baked goods.  

                 Having free Wi-Fi is also a huge draw for me---few places offer this in Benson  and I am defiantly not a fan of any of the other places.  

My temporary office on this fine day.
I really like the large covered picnic tables  complete with chalk board table tops.
Each table also has a bucket of chalk for notes to the next coffee drinker or your fine barista. 

The large tables also make it easy to meet other coffee drinkers.  
Benson residents---please support this business so that it will last and continue to grow. 
We as a town have so few fine places of business that we need to support this gem.

That evening we all ventured to The Arena Bar for a series of free concerts.
From some home grown bands that have been traveling this great country.

Some of the locals in the safety of the bar where the band sound was muffled a little bit. 
Needless to say they were not fans of the bands on this night.

As I roamed between bands waiting for the sun to fully set. 

We try to support anything local   especially if it is free or 
supports a good cause. 

Another feature I wish to bring back is my pictures with coffee cups in the back ground. 
Above was before a hike in Benson.
I have many such pictures   and want to add MANY more.