Wednesday, February 27, 2013


         The above song keeps getting stuck in my head--and now I hope that it is stuck in yours!  

        The above singers, although funny, do not use the most clean word choices in this video.  
I love a good thrift shop.  In fact I was in one today.  When my family buys a house some were we hope to have a garage or such, not for our car, but for all the kool finds I seem to locate for free.  To re-sell them.  

   I have been working on some new pictures of course   so will have more posts in my other blog series very soon.  I am also working on getting my best exploring pictures on my Facebook page.  Until than please glance around my Bellingham, Washington page at: 

    New picture of Bellingham, Washington.   Near sunset exploring, with storm clouds moving in, imagine that.  ;)     We are thinking of moving cross country by summer time.   So with ample time to move, we are not going to push the vehicles, drivers, kids, or dogs to hard.  Plus this will give us lots of time to snap new pictures!    This will most likely end up in a 3rd blog series about exploring Arizona. 

I have been earning this badge a lot lately!

 When we finally vacate housing, I have a great editorial type column/post that I will blanket the Internet with.  Mainly focusing on all of the holes of this system and how it basically nurtures so much that no one ever leaves the system.  My next post on this page will also be a rant --about neighbors with no respect ---

This is an actual picture
downtown Bellingham.

     I purposely did not post on Valentines day, because I hate the 'holiday' and think you should show & tell your loved ones daily how special they are to you.  My wife and I did not do much on the day, but have a day out planned in the near future.  More on that afterwards.  Everything fades---except true love.

     I took this picture --because everyone-including myself always enjoys a great flower picture.   

I am going to be so lost without my wife.
In all aspects of the word lost.  

       On a rare serious note:
    Last week in the restaurant were I work, a gentleman had a heart attack and died.  I have seen some close calls before --but never anyone die.  Many inappropriate jokes can be made --but I will not stoop to that level.  You the reader can, maybe something about the service being so lousy he starved ....     But bottom line is this man went out having fun.   He was at a casino, enjoying adult beverages and great food surrounded by people he loved.  Or at least liked enough to go out with.   I believe the worse part of the whole situation was the party that sat through the entire episode, watching and eating -utterly mesmerized.   Everyone else in that section asked for there checks, and quickly found an exit.   This group sat there the whole time, like it was a dinner show.  What is wrong with people?   The only thing worse I have witnessed was at Wally World.   And I have seen some things there.    Things that haunt me.
Of course the job is also how I met my beautiful wife, so all the bad things seem A-ok!

    It was about Christmas time and people were out in masses.  A lady passed out near the check outs, and customers were so desperate to buy there cheap disposable crap --that they were stepping over the poor lady.   

      Is it worse that I posted this picture, or that you are laughing about it??

                                                This really does work!!  ;)

                                                                  Sign me up!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


     Welcome back!   As I guzzle coffee and attempt to gain new members on my new Facebook page:    You to should check out my page on here!  ---- full of jokes, random randomness, coffee love, my pictures, and direct links to both of my links.  And lots of exploring and deep quotes also!   My page loves haters and comments, so you would be perfect!       Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county      I am trying to find the energy to actually make posts on both of my blogs, and to put all of my exploring pictures on the above page in categories of places explored.  Of course I need back ground music, with the coffee to help keep me not just awake, but up-right.   Above is a great motivational song.  I believe anyway.  When I used to actually jog---I had a tape of just the cheering and applause between actual songs from live concerts--- I found nothing better than jogging, Rocky movie style to this.   And yes I said tape---I had to edit it myself, a very long process.  Feel free to Google what a cassette tape is now.  See also mixed tape and 8 tracks for extra fun, because the more you know  something something.  Maybe you can also look up the end of that sentence while you are at it.  While I was exploring on this little sight called, Facebook-- you might not have to Google that to find out what I am talking about.  I learned that if you type :poop: in any comment---a pile of poo will appear in the comment line!   A smiling pile of poo at that!   It does not work in my blogs, I have just learned.  But ;) makes a winky smiley face!  At any rate, with no dislike button on FB, I will now use the pile of poo.  

                        And now in the tradition of tradition----some deep quotes!    Minus the deep. 

   **"If you get a booty call at 3:00AM. . . You probably weren't first on the list."**

          **"Why does toilet paper have it's own commercials? Who is not buying this?"**----
I also believe there are way to many choices of products, like TP.  I have watched customers spend 40 minutes trying to decide what brand of butt wipe to use.  Squeezing the rolls, un wrapping them, just a little feel, maybe just stealing some if they are extra low on cash.  First let me explain that I observed all of this while working in retail, not just while extremely bored one day.  Next let me say that maybe soviet Russia had the plan, with one choice of every product on there shelves.  And it is out of stock!  Next I must say that every type is the same--it's butt wipe!   It is all better than having to use paper towels.  Except maybe the extreme cheapo rolls--those priced at around 88 cents for four rolls.  Do not buy these!   Using a pine cone or random porcupine, would be softer!

         **"When you have to lean on your beliefs rather than confront a difficult question, evaluate those beliefs."**----G Miller-----   I slipped up, and one was deep today!  ;)

  **My mother-in-law came to visit, I asked, "How long are you going to stay?" She said, "As long as you want me to." I said, "You're not even going to stay for coffee?"**---Not a true story, but entertaining.  And many times, that's all that really matters.  

  For those of you dating, maybe you took my Valentines advice from older blog posts--here maybe a great post....

                    **"I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge!"**

    **"You have been to the DMV and still think the government should control our health care plan?? Really? "**---Seinfield.

                        **"Revenge is beneath me, but accidents do happen."**

    For more great quotes, please roam through my old posts on here.  Each is sure to make you laugh or your money back!   Many times, by make you laugh, I really mean cringe a little!

   And now a small tribute to all of those living back east, down south, or in my home state of Wyoming were it is not warm:

                                 Please note there is supposed to be a "T" first

              So last post I talked in support of a local sign that was gaining a lot of attention.  It talked about guns and was across from a middle school.  In Washington, guns are bad--so of course the sign was bad.  Bad sign!  After viewing the actual sign---I am more in support than before!   Let me re-state it is on a home construction sight, across from a middle  school, full of middle scholar's, that act like they are in middle school.   And starts out "Attention semi literate thieves.......      and than talks about the random guns they may have on sight.    Kudos   home owner!   

                                  A great sign I found while exploring in Seattle.

                                                I Stole this, but Amen!!

Drug testing (You pay or you pee)
Everyone receiving ANY money from the government should be required to pass a drug test.
Every government employee, military personnel, government contractor and all their employees, sub-contractor and all their employees.
Every medicaid, medicare, tax refund, social security, unemployment, recipient.

If you are not PAYING then you should be PEEING!

I have to pay taxes every year and I don't want any of MY tax dollars going to anyone that can not pass a drug test!

You don't want to pee then that is your right, but you receive NOTHING!

    I wait tables - a fun but very difficult job also.   And had a very good weeksend for tips.  As I was counting my tip money from the last few weeks to deposit in the bank, a few things came to mind.  First- with a large deposit, mostly in one $ bills, this is why our bank dislikes me.  What bank?  We stuff our mattress with tip money--and yes, we are signed up for direct deposit! ;)   I also find it great fun when buying things at a retail store, with large amounts of dollar bills--to wait for the cashier to re-count the stack.  About the time they are half way through the stack of money, and have handled it all-  exclaim- "yeah I pulled those bills out of my G string last night...."   There is always a pause and dirty look as the cashier tries to determine if I am joking or not.  They do not know several things---  I am joking 90% of the time, if not more.   There are no such businesses around here--that would require G strings, on anyone.   AND people would pay me to put my clothes back on.   
      I also noted a discussion I had with one of my co-workers.  He had asked if I had ever kept track of all of the tips earned in a month, and than wondered were all of that cash went.  He is single--- and always low on $, so it may be more of a mystery.   But with three kids--I know why the bank account is always easy to balance at the end of the month.  0 is an easy number to balance.  I have told bill collectors that they could have 100% of our 0 but they never seem to find this as amusing as I do.   Another reason our bank balance is always 0---- our cash goes right in to our mattress--are you even reading along here?

       I know lots of Askhole's.    Although few people tend to ask my advice more than once.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Day Another Anger---Errrr Dollar!


                                                **"Whatever you are, be a good one!"**

   In case you are new to my blogs, and have not yet gotten the memo--I enjoy coffee.  A lot!  Maybe to much.  But with exploring, a job, and three kids--the consumption almost lets me keep up.  Keeps me upright for sure.  So it is no surprise that at 9 AM I am at my second coffee house of the day.  The surprising part, is that I received no coffee at the first stop.  After getting the kiddos off to school, I ventured right down the road to one of my favorite coffee shops.  I will not mention the places name, because today I am not really liking the place.  I will say that we live in Fairhaven, so the coffee shops are very limited.  I ordered my morning brew, and than groggily tired to hand the beverage maker my debit card.  Amazingly they only take cash and checks--but no debit.  Amazing because few cashiers still know how to handle actual cash.  And very few places still take checks.  Something we just use for mailing out bill payments.  Because I find checks to be the most evil form of payment known to man.  With all of the security checks on a check and such I think this form of payment is even far worse than the bottle of pennies!  Although I have started to notice that NO one knows how to use there own debit and or credit cards.  They fumble in the line for so long.   I blame most of this on the consumer.  Who seems to be getting dumberer ever day, the gentle man in front of me in line last week, told the cashier that his pin number was taped to the top of his card -in case the cashier needed it to finish the transaction.  Or in case anyone needed the pin number if the card ever got stolin.  Like by me, after gaining this new info.  Some of the blame I place on the businesses.  Many places seem to re-set there credit machines each week adding new buttons to push.  To were it now takes 22 buttons to buy one bag of Cheesy Poofs.  The machine even asking you if you want to leave a tip for your cashier.  No--I want my fatty snack food.   Many workers actually deserve a tip.  They work for your tip money.  The cashier that glares and than smirks down at you while you push all of these buttons, basically getting a nice break -does not deserve a tip, or any of my chips.  
    Anyways, I had no cash on me or dreaded checks and had to move on down the road.  So I now find myself enjoying the view and brew at Tony's coffee.   In the heart of Fairhaven.  I have written bad reviews of the place in the past, mainly because the store did not have it's own wi-fi.  They have fixed this---allowing me to write this amazingly bland blog post from the coffee shop.  Wahoo for the future were you can use wi-fi and pay with a debit card! 

  At my last job I heard all about how my co-workers would survive a zombie attack.  ALL about.  Two quick thoughts on all that I heard.   1.)Most Americans, including myself are beyond week and would not last a week.  Lets face it, getting out of bed is the most exercise many of us face in a day.  And we get a tummy ache from eating at Burger King.  Do you really think you can survive any kind of attack?  The only advantage is that obesity and laziness is spreading past America, so the zombies or attacking nation might also be addicted to Cheesy Poofs, cheese cake, and diet 44  oz sodas! And B.)  Zombies only like fresh -full brains, so most of the people I know are safe!

    Valentines Day is right around the corner.  I have to work as a server.  And really think it would be fun to buy a bunch of discount rings.  And secretly slip them on couples tables --and than step back and watch the show!  But since my job resume is not up to date and my job description mainly has my name followed by a blank page--I will again refrain from sharing my ideas with management.    

Because I am working--my wife and I are not going to do much on the actual "holiday."  Yes, I have discussed this with my wife, while we were both awake.  And we are going to run away for a day soon after, and just enjoy each other.  And I must say, I can't wait!   Not only because we are sapply still madly in love and like hanging out -90% of the time, anyway.  But also because Nana is watching the kids! 

    I am sure I have shared this story before, but I am in the typing mood, and think it is a fitting story.  For more great advice, on things not to try, unless you wish to be single, please check out my old blog posts.  My beautiful wife was born in April and suffered through years of April fools cracks.  I did not know this the year we first meet.  And decided to pull a prank for April fools, very soon after we had first fell for each other.  
    She was positive I was going to dump her from the start.  And after lots of discussion, we decided that if this ever happened, I had to do the break up face to face.  No phone calls or text message break ups.  
    For whatever reason I decided it would be a great idea to e mail her a fake break up.  And sat down to cook up what I still personally think was a great letter.   "Dearest Purdy Lady,  ...Blah blah blah.... I know we agreed to never do it this way, but things are not working out....blah blah blah...sorry for the e mail version.....   just friends....   "  Scroll down a little bit and the famed words "April Fools!!" appeared.  
    This went on for a few paragraphs.  And than with out much pre-thought I clicked on "send."   Long story -short, she did not find this as amazing as she did ever time I pictured this in my head.  Most damningly because she did not scroll down to the end.  And thought it was a real, very harsh break up.  She instantly deleted my name from any and all contact lists and would not answer her phone for anything.  It finally took me calling her grandma, explaining the joke, and than having her explain things to my wife.  Many apologies and years later she does not find the humor in any of this.  I am a married man now, and have no opinion on the subject either way.  But feel free to comment on here your thoughts on all of this.   Funny or beyond mean?   Or like many of my jokes, a morbid mixture of the two.  

      Speaking of love, a local home under construction received a ton of negative publicity and made it on the evening news.   Why you ask?   Ask dam it!   Because they got tired of people messing with there construction sight and put a sign in the front yard warning traspassers to stay out and that this warning was inforced with a guns.  "Bad" enough in a state like Washington, full of weenies and zombie fighters.  But these people just happened to live across from the Fairhaven Middle School.  Causing a huge conflict.  
   I am completely in support of this sign.  We have a middle schooler, almost two of them at home, and I would hate to have a few hundred of them cutting through my yard.  The sign was probably put up, after many problems, and I bet those would be vandals now think twice before venturing into the lawn.  If this sign was across from an elementary school, than yes --- I might agree that it was a very poor choice---but middle schoolers are old enough to dechper their own luck.  And if they can not read the sign, than this should be the big news issue, not the sign.  I believe some thing new is taking the towns focus.  Like the locos are protesting street signs, because they bring in more evil, possibly gun toting, out-of-towners.  But I was ready to stand near the lawn, with a support sign.  I say near the sign, because I am not standing on there lawn, I can not out run guns.   A support sign saying something like "I support these folks, and if you touch my sign, I will shoot you!"  I believe, like my writing today, that is a run on sentence.  But my coffee has not fully kicked in yet.  
      I grew up in Wyoming were all of the best trails and exploring is private property.  And each is marked with similar signs.  The only difference is, everyone in Wyoming has a gun cabinet full of guns, and they have known how to use there guns since they were knee high to a grasshopper.  So you really do have to think twice before jumping that barbed wire fence.  
    Some of my better pictures and exploring comes from private land.  But I always think twice before venturing around a restricted sign.  Or cover it over with my jacket.  If you can't see it, it is not there!


    In the mean time, please visit my new-ish Facebook page    

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Have an awesome day!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today Is A Day!

        **I love walking on the beach with my wife, until the vodka wears off and I'm just dragging a stolen mannequin around a Wal-mart parking lot."**

                              **"I hope both teams loose the big game today!"** ;)----Out dated -but my total thoughts before the "big" super bowl this year.  I did watch bits of the game while at work, mostly because no one was out eating, they were all watching the game.  Or at least sucking down a lot of highly watered down beverages.  I can tell you that if you tell someone hours before a game-that you can tell them the score of the game, before the game starts--without a question of a doubt---after you take there cash, say the score is 0-0!   *Score before the game starts...   Forget it, things are never funny if you have to explain them.  

                               **"You can not choose your family, but you can ignore there phone calls."**

                                 **Some people are so poor all they have is money."**

   And now a quick joke for your enjoyment!:

  1. >

    In a dark and hazy room, peering into a crystal ball, the Mystic delivered grave news:
    > "There's no easy way to tell you this, so I'll just be blunt.
    > Prepare yourself to be a widow. Your husband will die a violent and horrible death this year."
    > Visibly shaken, Laura stared at the woman's lined face, then at the single flickering candle, then down at her hands.
    > She took a few deep breaths to compose herself and to stop her mind racing.
    > She simply had to know.
    > She met the Fortune Teller's gaze, steadied her voice and asked,
    > "Will I be acquitted?"

                                               All the good slogans are already used !

    **"I haven't got a Twitter account, so I just carry around a megaphone to announce what I'm doing at random times. So far I've got 3 followers - but I think 2 of them are cops."**---I don't like Twitter or anything about it really.  But the above might be a great new way to announce your status updates on Facebook also? 
                                                                **Today is a day!"**

Was the above a blue print or your brain on Friday?   Fair warning to all of my customers, today is my Friday at work.  ;)

    I NEVER am in support of any type of hurtful or deadly shootings.  In fact each new tradagy is a new reason to try and ban guns, and that should never happen.  I will have a whole blog post on my thoughts on this very soon.   But I am starting to understand why people just seem to snap more and more often.  This understanding is reinforced every time I leave the comforts of our home.  There is a whole movie about it, probably more than one--But I am thinking about the movie "Falling Down."   Were the main character gets stuck in grid lock traffic one fine day, notices none of the construction workers are actually working, and just snaps.  The rest of the movie is about this.  In fact near the end, he walks back onto the road construction sight, were no worker is still actually working, and fires a rocket launcher at them all.  *Spoiler alert*  This hurts, and it is not a recommend fix, by anyone accept maybe NRA life time members.  
     Let me pause, in my rants and sissy whining to explain just a little bit.  Last week my youngest  and I went to the local dreaded Wally World.  All Wally World's are evil, but this one I used to work at, and because of all of the Canadians and such, is always extremely busy.  Always!  Because of this we found a parking spot exactly a mile from the fartherst entrance.  I am in no way complaining about Canadians here, aye.  People here keep forgetting how huge an impact they have on our local community and most people are annoying in general.  Especially, no offence, Wally World shoppers.   The store does only thrive by selling cheap disposable crap to a disposable nation.  Before you complain to much, and try to tell me how great you personally are, how you only shop retail giants once a month, and usually buy local---I shop the store plenty.  To much in fact, we are trying to stop shopping there completely, but two things keep bringing us back. 1.)  The relatives keep giving our kids gift cards from the store and B.) The cheap disposable crap!
   Anyways, you are thinking to much about throwing on your pj's and going shopping at Wally World--back to my story!  On this day I could not even get inside the store with out becoming overly annoyed.  As I said, we had parked so far away, that we walked past three other Wally Worlds!  As my son and I just got to the front door, a car zipped up and stopped in the fire lane.  Inches in front of us, blocking the door.  As I tried to non verbally explain in the air -to the driver-that she was in a cross walk--the passenger jumped out of the car, and started yelling at me.  I than yelled back that they were in a cross walk and shop-blocking us, so that we could not buy our cheap disposable crap!  The passenger than informed me that other people needed the cross walk also.   Deep but still not acceptable.  
       I than, very not nicely, or quietly, explained how it was the same as a cross walk downtown.  And that she could walk the 20 miles to the door like everyone else.  Maybe in fact needed to walk a great deal more.  I must note here that this "lady" was not elderly or disabled in any way.  "Stupidity is not a handicap."  At least that is what I am told every time I park my bicycle in the handicapped parking areas.  The other person had no reply and went into the store.  Hopefully to buy some condoms, so that she would never reproduce and raise what I lovingly call "doomed" kids.  Children that are destined for failure just because of there parents. ;)   I should have takin' this as a sign, and walked the half marathon trek back to our car.  But the cheap disposable crap was calling me.  And if I used that approach, I would never be able to buy anything.  Instances like the above seem to be the norm, every time I leave the house.  
     I do not have a solution for any of this.  We all need our cheap disposable crap!  All I am really saying here ---is that I can see why even the most normal people just snap one day.   And are on the evening news---standing on the local Wally World roof throwing slushies, GI-Joe's, and condoms down on the awed and angered crowd below.  Angered because the free show on the roof is mesmerizing, especially the more clothes the person starts to take off, but it is keeping them from buying more cheap disposable crap.  Add in a poor economy, life stressors, and a crazy president that hates America and these type of events are sadly going to happen more and more.  
    ** I must add very quickly that I worked at Wally World for eight long years.  And my thoughts on the company are generally not good.  But while working there, we were lectured when we called any deal cheap.  It was "reasonably priced."   I personally got this lecture many times.  And this might be part of the reason I added "cheap" in this post so many times.   Thanks for reading!!**

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day Dreaming About Dreams

   Hello!   First I would like to thank you for coming back for a visit to my humble sight.   There are many posts here to roam through.  Full of random rambling, for sure.  ;)  Many times it turns out not to be all that random--because maybe I really do know what I am talking about--sometimes.  **I am not random, my brain just process things much faster than yours**   Whatever the case please take a look at some of my other posts---and enjoy!  

     Also my other blog series is full of pictures I have takin' and exploring.   Please take a look around **

I have a ton of new pictures for both sights.   Like the one just below.

Your welcome!

    Tonight I am going to talk about dreams.  We all have them, even those of us that live on caffeine have down moments sometimes when we actually fall asleep.  You can only tell those around you that you are merly checking your eye lids for holes/with your eyes shut so many times, especially if you are at work.  I do not recall most of my dreams.  As in by morning, I can usually not remember anything from my dreams.  Many dreams tell us things.   What they tell us is directly related by whom you share your dreams with.  For instance the meaning might become much deeper if you tell your shrink about your dream about licking the bottom of the above pictured boat compared to if you tell about the dream to your drinking buddies.  In turn if you tell me about your dreams I will make fun of you, and than try to include your story as my own in one of my blog posts.  Maybe the one talking about dreams?   Are you now trying to recall all of the sick/ twisted dreams you might have shared with me?  If you tell your dreams to your significant other it will most likely end up not coming out as glorious as your dream was, and probably end up in a long fight.  So unless you really really enjoy make up sex, do not wish to spend any cash on your gal this Valentines Day, or are prepared to video tape, and than send to me the unavoidable bad situations do not share any of your dreams with your partner.   
       Many dreams really do mean something.  After eight years of working in retail at a store that rhymes with "fall apart", and also just happens to be the name of a story I am working on-- I had a  rare dream that I remembered the next day.  I still remember it clearly.  In fact it lead to me quitting my job with the company.  I would say it stopped me from working there, but the actual work performance was reduced many years before this.  This all started out as a great dream.  And than like many--it went south fast.   Please let me re-cap now
      My wife and I were working at the same Wally World store, which happens to be true, except we were not yet married at the time.  We had went to lunch together, away from the store, and upon driving back to work happily noticed that the store had been blown up.  I do not know the reason it had been exploded, but it was gone!   Complete with a huge whole in the ground and very black smoke all around.  We both got out of the car to explore, out of work, but very happy!
      As we were in about the middle of the huge pile of ruble--- were the store used to sell underwear--- shoppers started to come out of the wreckage and as soon as they noticed our blue worker vests, try to ask us were store items were located!   I started to yell at the "shoppers."   Greatly angered that the store had been blown up, and these shoppers were worried about finding condoms and pickles or some other morbid combination of essentials.  
    As I said, I found the need to quit working with the company soon after ward.  So the dream did mean something to me.  Any time I think about going back to work for the retail giant, I recall this dream.   My wife had a similar experience.   Going back on the above advice I gave, I will tell it here.  And I hope to not end up sleeping on the couch because of sharing.  
    My wife had been working at the same store for awhile now, and was many days in charge of answering the phone.  Many times this lead to paging through the store to get other workers to answer the constant phone questions.  She had been doing this for many months.   One night she was over at my apartment and we were sitting on my couch, very late at night, talking a lot but really talking about nothing.  It was a new relationship for us, so I am sure the topics were lame and sappy.  Anyways, when I thought she was still awake--she started paging out for various workers to answer phone calls.   After I realized she really was asleep, and I stopped laughing, I moved so that I  could lay her down to sleep on the couch.  
      Although many dreams have a meaning  lastly I must share a dream I very recently had.  For the life of me, I can not find any reason to it.  Maybe you can help me?   

    I was in Seattle for some reason, more surprisingly I was by myself.  Roaming the city in the early AM, with a coffee cup in both hands.  Suddenly the ground began to really shake.  And I soon realized I was witnessing a very bad earth quake first hand.  Instead of people panicking all over the city, everyone around be started to dance.  Flash mob style.   And they were very happy about there highly coordinated and sycronized dance.   So happy that I even joined in on the dance.   I must say here that I do not dance.  The few times it has happened, my wife ran to the car to hide. And someone called 9-11, sure that I was having a seizure.   

   At some point the world stopped shaking and we were surrounded by news vans.  We all stopped dancing, and started to be very dramatic for all the cameras.  

  I hope all of this has made you want to share your dreams, with the right people.  Maybe it has made you wonder just a little.  Hopefully it has not made you start to wonder about me.  Enough people already do that.   ;)   Next post I will return with lots of jokes and such.  As always please share your thoughts and or hate for anything you read here.   

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Exploring A!

I particularly enjoy these pictures and hope you will too. So much so, I am going to turn tonight's post just about these shots from last week's exploring. We had some rare free time last Wednesday afternoon, and saw some sun shine! Although after getting my final pictures of the sun set, the walk back to our car was very chilly. Please do not forget to share this exploring blog sight-if you enjoy what you see. And check up on my longer running sight with 350+ posts of random rambling and coffee love. I have been focusing on promiting posts from this page there also, but will return to my wonderful rants and rambling this week. Take a look ---

On this day -- our youngest two had early release from school, and we found it was time to explore and give mommy some free time before our oldest got out of classes. We started out downtown Bellingham. I have written about this area many times. And new sights and beauty always greet me--on every trip here. I think the above building is one of the neatest buildings in Whatcom county. I also believe it is haunted. I have many-many pictures of this great old building.

This picture has an almost Eire glow from the intense sun!
I stood across Holly Street facing one of the mini light house towers for this shot.

We soon ended up down by the water.
A common destination in our travels around the area.
You can just make out the bay beyond the bridge in this shot.

Beyond all of the ducks and geese, ever present in the area
and the salmon ponds
throwing/skipping rocks is always hours of fun!

Max- our dog always is the first to get wet on our trips--
but will fight to the bitter end, when it is his bath time.

It always seems hard to imagine seeing such sights in the heart of our wonderful downtown.

Further up Holly Street ---I had to stop to take a picture of this tree!

Same tree not nearly as neat of an angle.

We ventured further up the road---near Bellingham Technical Collage.
Across from this stack is a parking area, surrounded by trails. To the left you are soon exploring the college. To the right you can soon reach the bay.

Another great tree, just off the trail on the way to the beach.

Soon you pass under the rail road tracks.

It just happened that a train was coming --right as we neared the bridge.

Even this lonely piece of drift wood turned into a great picture.

The kiddos soon got tired of my picture taking and built there own teeter tauter
with an ocean view!

I have posted about this area before--but
I really enjoyed these pictures.

Water ever flowing into the bay.

The abandoned pier, ripples, and sun allow for some great images.

I am forever in seek of the perfect sun set picture.
It might appear that the jet in this and another picture, ruined the shot---but I feel it made it.
Many flights, both big and small went over us during our short journey. But the airport is just up the road.

A few last shots, before heading back up the trail to our awaiting, warm car.

Who needs Hawaii when you can get views like this ?