Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January


    They have read my blog before apparently!    If past blogs have made you laugh  please consider becoming a follower.  I have very few, which makes me sad.  But I do appreciate the few followers I have a great deal!  

      As many things lately, this month has flown by.   Although with a move coming across country it has also went by very slow at the same time.  I am not sure how that is possible, but its happening.   The days drag by, even slower when I get to work.   And than my actual sleep time passes in a flash, and before I know it another day is in the history books.   See time even flies when you are not having fun.   For sure most of the slowness, is because I am so ready to be moved and with those that I love again.  In a place that I love.   Another aspect is that every day here seems almost exactly the same.  Overly repetitive and bland.  Were each day, work day or not, seems to blend into each other.   Have you ever woke up, and thought you were in the movie "Ground Hogs Day?"   Luckily for me and my soul, my daily life will be switched up totally, a mere 25 daze from now.   I use the word "mere" lightly, because it seems like forever from now at the moment.  But one has to wait for the best things in life right? 

     That  will fix things for sure.    Maybe this will brighten your day just a little bit.  Unless you are reading this while stuck in traffic.   To those of you I say "HA HA!"

              I always try to pass on what I learn, each and every day.   Your welcome.

     In the fine art of being PC with everything one says.   In that same note I am not short, I am vertically challenged!    Not to be confused with horizontally challenged, for sure.   Which could mean fat or awesome in bed.   Anyways, I really wish I had a stalker.   I think I would find a way to stalk my stalker.   I also think, for the reasons described above,  my own stalker would die from boredom.  I had one of sorts on the computer a few years back.   I do put a lot about my life online, but was amazed at how much this person knew about me, in such a short time.  Especially since she lived in Washington and at the time I lived in Wyoming.   Anyways the gal was sure that my ex at the time was jumping her boy friend.   I know I know, Days of our  lives episode 221 for sure.   I understand why she might give me a heads up, in all of this.  But she than finding out all about me and massively e mailing me overly strange letters, was a bonus I guess?   I am very sure I completely ticked her off after about the 20th e mail.   And am very sure I enjoyed it all just a little to much. 

       **"For those of you still doing your taxes or still waiting, I get my refund back tomorrow!"**

                               **"If driving drunk is illegal, why do bars have parking lots?"**

    **"I used to play sports. Than I realized you can buy trophies. Now I'm great at everything!"**

                                                **"Is it good if a vacuum really sucks?"**-----
    I used to actually ponder this when I worked in house wares at Wally World.  The vacuums were part of the items I sold.   And I always tried to figure out if it was better to tell a customer the vacuum they chose really sucked or not.   Than I laughed and laughed, because I said the word suck 22 times and still sold a vacuum cleaner.
                                                          Sign me up.   A cure-all for sure!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Weekend

      **"The bad part about being unemployed, is Fridays lose their meaning.   The good part about being unemployed, is Mondays lose their meaning."**

     At the moment I kind of loose my weekends altogether at work.   I work a mid shift on Fridays, sometimes till 9 at night.   And than find myself un-able to fall asleep at night.   Saturday and Sunday morning finds  me at work at 7 AM, until  the managers decide I should go home.   So usually about this time of evening on Sunday, I am either ready for lots of caffeine or a nap.   You can guess which I chose tonight before writing this drivel.   I am once again near a mini retirement though.   After I leave this job, and return to Washington I will not be working for awhile.   I can say that I could not do that here, because it is such a boring area.   Maybe not so much so with a vehicle, but still boring.   I worked as many hours of over time as possible in the summer here.  To appear busy and to forget things.  Because slow time, turns into thinking time.   Which soon just makes me want to get to drinking time.   Besides the love of my life living in Washington, and bonding time with the kids, the area offers so many great things to do, when you are or are not working.  I have written about many of them and will in the near future again.  
   For whatever reason I was Wally World earlier today.   I have done very good at not visiting the place lately.   In case you have not gotten the memo, I do not like the store much in the first place.  But hate the store even more, when living in small towns.   Because there really is no were else to shop.  We do have a K-Mart  but most of the shelves are usually empty.   Not from over shopping, but from ordering one of every item from TVs to candy bars.   The cashiers at this K-Mart also take so long trying to figure out how to bag your purchases, that you want to just throw your items at them while you say "forget it!"  Anyways, man you are easily distracted tonight, I bought a box of one of my favorite snack cookies.   I actually found a small box, instead of the economy jumbo super sized person boxes.   These used to be marketed for families but now are for single people.  Everything at Wally World now seems to be super sized.   From the box of 112 pop tarts to the lawn furniture.  Each year, the patio furniture gets wider.   So do the Play School little people.   They are all larger play people than when I was a kid.   Look it up on Google.   
     Anyways, there you go distracting me again.  I will devote a whole blog to larger people or bigguns some day.   Today I need to vent about the cookies.   When I finally got out of the store, a task in it's own.   I tore into my cookie box  ready to enjoy a chocolate cookie with chocolate swirls and chocolate filling.  I could already feal the sugar on my tongue!  As I was tearing into the box, I instantly noticed that the cookies were way smaller.   And after looking at the cookies, I noticed the swirls of chocolaty goo were missing on top.   When I bit into the cookie, I wanted to throw it at someone.  It tasted more like what I would picture the box might taste like.  Bland and nothing like my cookie.   Add another big Booooo! to a long list of bad choices Wally World!   Typing choclate this much, just makes me think of Cheif, from South Parks song about his salty chcolaty balls of candy of course.   If you have not seen the show or heard the song, don't ask.   Because you will be offended. 
       Speaking of things tasting like the box---Tonys frozen pizza.   Since they stay in business, I am sure some people love them.   But I would rather eat the box than the pizza, be it cooked or still frozen and I have to gum on it like a morbid Popsicle.   I really like there "party pizza"  were you get some cheese and about four pieces of peperoni.   I thought someone stole the party from mine. 
                           My brother is always the handy type  and got his wife a new mixer!

   So at work our boss has glued fake flowers on the end of all the pens up front so they will not walk away as easily.   Few "manly men" will stick these flowers in there front shirt pockets for sure.   Most of the flowers are pink or such colors.   And I find it a little to entertaining watching the male customers write with these.   Many will use there own pens.   Especially when I tell them the flowers really bring out there eyes!   We used to use the same pens when I worked at Wally World.   But one of our great customers, you know the ones that are always right--always!   Somehow stuck the flower part in there eye, and had to go to the hospital.   Tell me you are right now, with that purdy flower/pen in your eye!   I can not say a ton, a can of pudding once sent me to the hospital.   I guess if nothing else they damaged customer could fill out there emergency contact paperwork with the pen side of the object in there eye, right? 
    Our boss is very proud of these snazzy pens.   And it is easier to try to take orders with a crayon or your own blood than to explain to her why you are using one of the flower pens to take a customers order.  At one point last winter, a worker, not me, for once, was taking the flowers off the pens and throwing the fake flowers under the ice machine.   I did not know about this, or want to know about it.   And was trying to find something in the walk in fridge.  As I tried to exit the fridge, boss was standing in the doorway, with a handful of the flowers.  Now not attached to pens.  A terrible waste of glue for sure.   Seeing me in the doorway, she thrust the tops in my face and asked, loudly if I knew anything about these.   I thought she was joking and started to laugh.   Apparently she was serious, and the laughing did not help the situation any.   She soon believed that I knew nothing about the pens, whom the vandals were, or really much of any use in general.  And she carried on to shove the poor flowers into someone Else's face. 

   I am not sure if this is a real book but can see the topic going terribly south fast for some reason.   I guess I just have a dirty mind.   But I will stick with reading the classics, if it's a kids book or adult book.  

   I talk about sheep being safe a lot.   Maybe to much.   In a past blog I tried to explain the thoughts about sheep in a positive light.  I think I failed baaaadly!   Anyways, here are a couple examples of sheep that are not safe.   Enjoy!?   And if you have any questions, please ask my brother, the one that built the mixer above. 

                                     This one is more than a little bit creepy, even for me. 

And exhibit   XYZ.....

                              OK  in an attempt to redeem myself a lil bit please enjoy.

    I am still not sure if the person that posted the above sign or the person that uses the condom should stop trying to have kids first. 


Saturday, January 28, 2012

   **" I am pretty sure if they took all porn off the Internet, there would be one web sight left---And it would be called   "Bring back the porn sights!"**-----Scrubs

                                **"Woman are made to be loved  not understood."**
     Hello all!   I use the word "All" loosely, since no one actually reads this blog.  If you are indeed a someone AND you read my blogs.  First off, I am sorry.   Next, please leave comments.   Good or bad, it helps me make each one betterer!  
    Today I am going to combine some random thoughts that did not fit in past posts, into a column.   So it is like most of my blogs!   I have some ideas roaming around in my head for future posts.  But have been very side tracked lately.  I also need to get today's ideas out of my head, to make room for more important things.   Like thinking about food and beer.  And thinking about were to buy the before said food and beer. 
     In front of the post and mail place I was at the other day, is a huge statue of a panda bear.   Mearly eating some statue bamboo.   While entering the store, I had this huge urge to ask the workers what it would cost to ship that statue across country.   Or maybe to the closest zoo.   So it would feel at home.   A panda is not really native to Wyoming last time I checked.   Last time I checked I was still a male, and workers did not like smart ass questions, so I refrained from asking anything about the statue.    If I later decide the questions could be better, or at least more safely asked from the comforts of my home, while on my cell phone, I will post there responses.   All responses will probably be closely followed by a click as the phone hangs up.   And than my phone ringing.   As the manager calls me back.   Dam caller ID!
    As we were leaving the shipping store, I spotted a bright red VW Bug car.   After slugging my suddenly angered driver.  I wondered allowed, what would happen if we slammed on the gas, and T-boned the red VW---as the other passengers slowly got out, my driver and I could yell "Red slug bug, no slug backs!"  and take off.  I am no lawyer, but am pretty sure it would hold up in court.
      I was just reading about a very sick teenager, who apparently ate almost nothing but Mc Donalds chicken nuggets since she was about 2 years old.   I am not sure if she is now sick because it was Mc food, that's about all she was eating, or because she finally learned what parts of the chicken go in nuggets.   I can not see how anyone can eat the same food all the time.  I like good food to much.  I like good food to much, to eat at Mc D's much.  But do crave it about twice a month.   Although I do seem to order the same meal each time I eat at any chain restaurant.   I could never survive on one food.  On the same note, I can not see how anyone can become anirexic, I love food way to much to ever have to worry about becoming to skinny.  My manly bresticles are now about an A cup, and help prove that point.  
     I pause to give huge kudos to my fiance, who has just stopped smoking.  Even with lots of research, I can not begin to imagine what she is going through.   Smoking has been a huge part of her life for half of her life.   I also am afraid that from such a distance, I really can't do much to help.   Beyond trying to be supportive.   And most of those attempts aren't working.   I have trouble thinking everything someone does can be wrong, in the eyes of those that love them.   But on the same note just read  ---   "woman are to be loved not understood."     And  I defiantly love her with all my heart.    In fact the little bit of arguing we have been doing tonight is making my chest hurt a little.  I am sure it's all in my head.  But for our benefit, I am sorry.
    In the last month or so I have thought a lot about things like karma and fate.   I have talked in the past about karma, and really am trying to be a better person for myself and those around me.  And to take some of the heat off me, in return for some good luck.  Lately  I have been wandering about everyone I have meet.   For the good or for the bad.   But mostly about my future bride.  We have known each other for six years now.  Mostly great, with some sh*t thrown in there to make things interesting.  She says she knew from the day she meet me, she was into me.    Was our meeting   any meeting of beings   simply by chance or because of destiny?  Or was it fate?   I do not have an answer for this.   I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason.  Although many times I still don't see the reason till years later.   Right now included.   If you have any insight on this by chance, please let me know.      

Thursday, January 26, 2012


                           **"Marriage is grand but divorce costs a hundred grand!"**

  Anymore I try not to make plans.  But have decided when you are moving across the country, to start a new life.  A few things have to be planned out.  From how much stuff will fit in my travel bags.  To how much stuff is really even needed.  To were I am going to be living soon.   With planning I am also very shocked at how much planning a "real" wedding involves.   I realise that getting in the same state as my fiance is a first major step.   The future bride has already made many plans, and the date is a year and three months away.   I guess, being male, I really had no clue.   And have already learned many things.   Like there are wedding colors.   Every un-married guy reading this, is saying "really!?" to themselves.   Every female over 8 already has colors picked out and is slapping their boyfriends on the foreheads for not knowing about wedding colors!   As the date gets closer and I move to Washington, I am sure I will get much more edumicated on the subject.   I will share some of what I learn, but find it much more fun to leave you that don't have a clue what I am talking about, in the dark.  
    Although I kind of believe what they say---The wedding is most important, not the groom.   The bride can resort to any male in the grooms party.   They are all dressed up and looking studly anyways, right? 
      The beautiful bride has had a wedding before, of sorts.   Defiantly nothing to write home about.   And our on again off again relationship has lasted longer than her first marriage.   It has defiantly lasted much longer than all of my past relationships combined.   I am still not sure how she puts up with me, but instead of asking questions, and putting any doubts in her mind,  I think I should get hitched.  Than at least if she changes her mind, it will cost a fortune to become un-married.   And we will soon decide to just work things out.   This will be my first wedding.   And I have to say I am more than a little excited.  
     I have a huge list of things to get done before I move back home, to Washington state.   And as I stare at it now, very little of it is crossed off.   I have not seen the list or planning for the wedding, but am sure the list is much much longer.  I do know that the wedding planning has it's own folder.   Which is snazzy, but also means there is a lot of information.   Not that there is anything wrong with that. 
    The combining of two families also takes a lot of planning.   As well as money combining.  Although the second is way easier when everyone involved is overly poor.   
      I do well with the planning and such, until I crawl into bed.   That is when my mind becomes fully active.  And I over think everything.   I am not saying I would ever back out of my trip, or voyage to becoming a husband.   But it does lead to many nights of not enough sleep.   Mostly my mind just goes to how much I miss the bride to be and her three kids.   And how the room I rent has an odd smell that I fear will be very hard to make go away when I move.   This makes me glad for two things.   The invention of Febreeze.  That spray covers up almost any stink.   And the invention of coffee!   It keeps me kicking all day every day.  
    My and our plans have failed many times before.  But I can't help but pray and hope that everything really does happen for a reason.   And the past has built up to were we are now.   A perfect launching point to a long and happy life together.   I can say that after seeing my buddy get married last summer, that love really does exist.  Before that I was starting to doubt even that fact.    The couple had been dating for over ten years, and finely decided the time was right to get married.   It was a great ceremony.  But greatest was seeing two people that really truly deeply loved each other.   They are perfect for each other.  And the many years and hardships have only deepened there love.   They couldn't give a hoot what anyone else thinks about them.   They are a single unity working towards a perfect fit for each other and there children.   And it was awesome to witness.   I can not say I had enough time to absorb it all in and learn anything on how to use this in my own relationship.   But hope that I can be my best every day.   For the four great people waiting for me.   In a new land and marriage land.   I do believe that is the worst single sentence I have ever written!  
    In conclusion, I still have a lot of planning to do.  We still have a lot of planning to do.  And I hope that I can do most of it during daylight hours.  When people are supposed to be awake.  I can also say that I know I am doing the right thing with this move.  After months of contemplating every spectrum and possibility.  I know this is what I want and should do.   To my 2.5 regular readers I promise a more humorous post tomorrow.   And one that is defiantly less warm and or fuzzy as this one.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25/2012 Fortune Favors The Bold

    I have to say I am still not used to posting 2012 on anything, and the month of January is somehow almost over.   I will probably get used to it about the end of the year, when we are all supposed to die anyway.   But that just gives us all something to look forward too!  On the same note, I can not believe this month is almost over.  I has flown by!   Add in getting ready to move back to Washington in 31 days.   Along with working full time, packing, and all that goes with becoming a father and husband, it has become a blur.  Just a little bit.  But it is all worth being with the love of my life forever and a day.  At least as soon as I get out of this very cold state.  

     I also have to say that yesterday was a perfect day with a perfect blend of productively slackin' on my day off.  I got to sleep in a little, made some very important phone calls.   A great lady, who will soon share my last name, did my taxes for me.  I strolled around town, and attempted to take some pictures, slacked some more.  Caught up on this stupid series on Netflix, that is very addicting.  Ironically it is called  Weeds.   And maybe most relaxingly, I did not go to work.  

    While I was roaming around town in desperation for pictures, I have not takin before.  I realized that this would be one of the last times I had to get some pictures.  I am sure with my parents here, I will be back for quick visits, unless I can always get them to visit me in the North West.   This area truly is beautiful, but it is also very cold.   And very boring.   I am so used to the big cities now, were people out number live stock, sad day for some.  And were you can easily find something to do in a crowded setting, or take off on a bus ride and end up down by the bay or on a great new to you nature hike.   Did I mention it was cold yesterday?     The thermometer said it was 40 out  but the wind soon picked up and the temp dropped.   I have learned since moving back, that the sun is often an illusion.  It can snow while full on sunny outside.   One day I only had a hoodie on and was just trying to cross the street to Wally World.  It looked very nice out.   About half-way across the street, I could not feel my hands, I later realized it was negative 20 outside.   I now have a temp teller on my computer.   That I glance at before I leave the house. 
    My home page used to also tell me the temperature each day in several of the cities I used to live in.   Including the place I am soon returning to in Washington.   I do not have that anymore, because the much warmer temperature readings just made me overly annoyed.  Especially the reading from near Phoenix, Arizona.  It has been cold enough here I almost miss the cool winter warmth of about 60.   Almost.   There was to much bad stuff when I lived down south to want to ever move back. 
    Today I returned to work.   And have to say it was not a good day at all.  About the only thing I feel comfortable about sharing right now, in an attempt to keep my job those 31 more days.  Is when I dropped to plates of food.   I have not dropped food forever.  And if nothing else it was very loud and very embarrassing.  I tried to play it off to my few sad faced customers by saying "that was the dinner show!"   The others were sad faced for me, and the tables whoms food I dropped was sad faced, because it was there food and they were hungry.   I do have to say that the "butterfly affect" was in full affect today.   When something goes wrong, it just ripples.   And my bad fortune seemed to  be passed on to the other servers.  They did not drop dinners, but other random things, and just seemed to be off on there service.  My service just got worse until I could fully collect myself and shake everything off before that.  
    Sometimes things are very hard to just shake off.   I try to find humor in everything.  But times like when I first moved back to Wyoming, I really was to heart broken to be humored or humorous.   I have read some of my blogs from that time period, and they really reflect how I was feeling and what I was going through, but at the same time, they are not that much fun to read.  I also did not write as many blogs, because I really did not want my sadness to reflect out in them.  
      Through those crappy times, and now that I am happier than ever.   I would like to thank a few people that have stayed by my side.   I have very few good friends, but the ones I have are true friends.   They don't want me for my good looks, or my cash, or my advice.   They don't take advantage of me in any way.   They have been their through thick and thin and yet still want to be there for me for some reason.  
     The top of the list is my best friend.  Because of that she will soon be my wife.  It has been a long road toward that goal, but nothing great comes easy.   And through all the great times and pure sh*t we have become stronger than ever.   I truly could not ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with.   She completes me.   And I hope that I can at least half way return all of the things she has done for me in the past, during our lives together.   I will strive daily to be the greatest husband  and father I can be.   And to block out the past, with great memories each day.  

    Also topping the list is my family.  I realize they have to love me.   But they really are the greatest!   I have seen many others relatives lately, and greatly appreciate how normal my folks really are.   They are my foundation and rocks.  

    With V Times day coming up ---I must ask, is this better than chocolate?  

 And now a quick story

    So every Wally World that I worked with had a fridge or two in the back were workers could attempt to keep there lunches.  I say attempt, because if you had anything close to good, it seemed to disappear before lunch time.  And you had to eat in the grease pit, or Mcdonalds once again.   I do give the thieves credit for having balls.   Because most workers were afraid of actual customers and work, and stayed in the break room as much as possible.  So unless you saw say me, put a subway sandwich in the fridge, I am not sure how they knew it was mine, and when it was safe to steal it.   Anyways one of the the bosses got sick of losing her lunch, and covered a sandwich with dog food one fine day.  Well made a dog food sandwich basically.   The lunch disappeared several days in a row.   So, she put a sign under the fourth or fifth one, hoping that the stealer liked the dog food grub.   Her, and no one elses food disappeared for months after. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

After another weeksend of getting up early for work, and not really sleeping at night.  I got to sleep in this morning for a change.  And am now enjoying some coffee, well guzzling it around 11 ish in the morning.  
  OK  maybe not die.  I have been able to cut out all other caffeine in my day.  Beyond my morning coffee.  And have found the people around me prefer if I have coffee in the morning.   Something about being much nicer, and people friendly.

  **"It's been sooooooooo long since I have not been sick, I am not sure I recall what feeling good is."**---- Kind of explains itself.   I have been in and out of the dr's office since about Turkey day.  And I do not know a whole lot more than the first time I went.  Part of it may be going to a free doctor.   But I am starting to wonder if any of them around this area really know what they are doing.  Besides, as in many aspects, you get what you pay for. 
  **"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”**
                                **"Have you ever waved good bye while hanging up your phone?"**
   For those of you without calenders, it once again really is Monday!   I really do not mind Monday's in the least.   Garfield, onna my favorite comic strips hates Mondays.   He really despises Monday the 13th.   He was "born" on the same month as myself also. 
    And now two of my favorite pictures, takin' while roaming around Sheridan. With the cold, I have been slacking greatly on taking new pictures lately.  So they are not recent at all. 
 My buddy who had never been to Wyoming, wants to kick in the door of this bar and yell "yeah Haaaaaw!"   He does not realize the many faults in this.   Mostly how strong cowboys are.  Many of them were throwing hay bales by the time they were 8 years old, and can throw down.    I will attempt to help him out, after I take plenty of pictures.
  This is in the middle of the cemetery with a storm rolling in.    I have always found cemetery's an interesting place to roam around. 
  I have a ton of pictures of this building.   In the heart of Sheridan.   This one has a story.   Near the top, it almost looks like smoke is puffing out of the smoke stack.  One day last year, my boss answered the phone and a lady was rambling about how she caught us!   She knew that our restaurant and the other ones on Coffeen, were sending out fumes from this building, just before lunch time, that slowly drifted down on the residents.  Making them really want to eat food. This was why all the near by restaurants were packed around lunch time.   She was on to us all, and had even talked to the mayor.  This is another time I was very glad that I did not answer the phone at work. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

                                         **"Do you add an area code first when dialing 911 here?"**
    **"I still remember those days when photos were taken for memories and not for facebook profiles."**

 This was proven at work.   Try it!  But you have to say "gullible" very slowly four times.   The person we tried it on, got to about the 3rd time and realized what she was saying.

Above is a picture stolin from Sheridan media.com    don't tell!    But it shows the beauty that we wake up to every day in Wyoming.  This is a little further down the road from me, just out of Buffalo, Wyoming.  It really is Gods country.  But it also really is freakin cold.  The sunsets here are truly amazing also.  I have so many great sunset pictures from my travels.  But many of them come from here.   I am shipping out of this great town and state very soon.   To enter into another huge chapter of my life.   Something I will write about much more in the future.   And know I will miss the views like this, the people, and my family here the most. 

So while I was lived in the middle of the desert valley near Phoenix, Arizona about three years ago, it started to snow.   It even snowed in Vegas.  People panicked and I thought it was the end of the world for sure.  Much of Washington state goes into an all out panic with the smallest amount of snow.   The state received record breaking snowfall last week, but in many cases that is what we in the west see fall in a few hours.   One town, we will call it Bellingham, because that's the name of the town.   Got around three inches of snow early in the week.   Even with the snow stopping businesses and schools stayed closed.   The only place it made sense was in Seattle.   Were the entire city seems to be on a hill.  I have seen many videos of city buses sliding sideways down hills.  Bouncing off cars and curbs as they go.  

  A few winters ago this same town say a fluke winter storm , bringing about nine inches of snow.  I am pretty sure they had to bring in snow plows from other parts of the state.   One morning I found it easier to walk down the ruts in the middle of the street, the try and navigate the un-shoveled sidewalks.  No one was out driving anyway.   My fiances sister, would not leave the house, because she could not find the chains for her car.   I have never had chains on any vehicle.   I did have studded tires on a truck once, but I bought it that way, and it was spring time.   Although it makes a neat sound, going down the road, the police do not favor it to much for what it does to the roads.   Plus she drove a Geo, if she did happen to get her car stuck in the ditch, she could just pick it up, and place it back on the road.  They weigh about as much as a large Hot Wheel toy!   When I had my own car, and lived in the northwest, bosses usually told me to stay home.  They knew I was from Wyoming and could handle the driving, but feared someone crashing into me. 

   **"I have this urge to wear my Christmas tie to work tomorrow. And warn customers how many shopping days they have left till next year. Plus the Christmas tie makes me look way less Mormon!"**------I have mentioned before we wear white shirts and ties at work now.   And it makes me especially, look more than a little like a Mormon.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.   I always one to not look the norm, and leaving my current job soon, see me wearing the tie soon. 
    So I clicked on onna those stupid sight on Facebook that tells you which of your friends are following you the most.   From how often they view your pictures and comment on your thoughts and such.  This one was supposed to show me my top ten "followers"   and for whatever reason only showed my my top five.    Maybe this system is faulty.   Or I just need more friends?   The sight I really never want to visit, is an anti  Facebook sight.   Not sure of the name of it, but they want to let you know how much time you are wasting on FB, and get people off of FB.   Anyways, with a few clicks, it will tell you how many lifetime hours you have spent on Facebook.   Good God for some of us, it simply says!  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pie Fixes Everything!!

                             **"My drinking problem is that I don't have anything to drink!"**

                                                              **"Mmmmm coffee!"**

    I do not have a picture, because I only had my cell phone with me, but the other day I was sitting with my dad having coffee.   On the top of my coffee cup from Mc Donalds, I noticed "Caution I am hot" was stamped.   This makes me ponder a few things.  First of which, how did the coffee cup know I was so hot?  This grease pit has joined the rank of many big businesses and now warns themselves against everything.  Of course they learned the hard way, when some dope burned there lap and than when they could see strait again and had a dry pair of pants on they noticed the coffee cups had no warning that the hot beverage inside was indeed hot, and sued the pants off of them.  There are warning labels on everything.   And Wally World's that sell booze, now find they should card everyone, no matter what age they are, to overly protect themselves.  Even the 80 year old, with a walker that takes 22 minutes to make it from jelwerly  to the check-out, who just wants to enjoy a beer or eight before going to bed.   I figure he earned the brew.   Wally World, instead of sending underage kids in to try and buy, will send in senior citizens, and if you do not card them, you will be in the office getting yelled at  soon after the transaction.   In light of all of this, the cashier is just doing there job, and doesn't want to lose there job, because you don't feel like showing them your drivers licence.   He knows you are plenty olllllld,   pretend to be flattered and show it to him so that they can continue on with life, and you can get home and get sh*t faced. 

    Above I mention that I do not have a picture of the coffee lid.  I do have one on my cell phone, but am not smart enough to get it onto my computer.  So you will just have to visualize it.  As I stare at the picture on my cell phone, and laugh!  One day while I was still in Washington, a friend and I took this amazing hike up to a glacier.   The view was amazing, and at one point it was almost like being at the top of the world.  On the way home we got amazingly lost, but that's another story.   Anyways, while up there, all  I had was my cell phone and it's half a mexapixal camera.   The pictures did not do it justice what-so-ever!    On a similar note, my best trip ever involved staying the night in a pickup in a parking lot near the Grand Canyon.   My fiance and I watched the sun rise over the canyon, and the entire trip was amazing.  I had a real camera with me, but the few pictures I took, did not give the sights justice at all.  The canyon was of course amazing, being able to see more of it as the sun slowly rose.   But the looks and reactions on my soon to be brides face, were also amazing.  As the sun also brought out her amazing beauty from the darkness.  She was soon back lit by the sun, with an almost angel like glow.  Both were truly amazing that day.   And I was revived and full of energy beyond belief. 

                   **"Is it wrong to ask a midget what he's going to be when he grows up??"**
**"I think everyone should have theme song! Mines either the Hokey Pokey or White and Nerdy."**---  OK  maybe I should think about that one longer.   But I do believe everyone should have there own theme song.   You know you can think of a ton of great ones for your friends already.  Especially the ones that do things like fall up stairs!
                *"If you want to know were your heart is look were your mind wanders."**

My buddy Half Moon getting engaged----Makes me truly believe that there is someone out there for all of us!!-----sorry buddy--------  Seeing them and some other couples I know, makes it truly possible that there is someone out there for all of us!    I am sure the same has been said about me.  I am not the brightest crayon in the box for sure, and with my looks, well lets just say I leave the lights on to practice birth control.   *they run away fast!  
                   **"When life gives you lemons... chuck them back and yell, " I wanted cookies."**
                                                              **"You put the F U in fun!"**
Stupid state of Arizona is taking all my money. I guess $1500 to clear 3 fines isn't to bad right? If nothing else I will be less "threatening"---------  So I have not had an actual drivers licence for about 8 years now.   The state of Oregon, thought I was such a great driver, they put my licence of perminentrecive more fines.  In an attempt to be driving legal by this spring, I am finally paying things off. 
                                     **"Don't cook bacon in the nude!"**----I know your laughing at this, but it hurts!